Sunday, January 9, 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I don't know how my bff can keep a straight face with this woman, read on:
~Ahhh, it's Monday and Crazyquote Coworker is at it already. After recalling a date-gone-wrong, I lamented that "chivalry is definitely dead" and Crazyquote Coworker looks at me and goes "Who's Chivalry?" I laughed, saying "Chivalry isn't a person it's.." and she stopped me by saying "What is it, a food?" >sigh< IF ONLY we could buy it at a store...
~Crazyquote Coworker was showing me where her hometown was in Northern China. I commented "Oh, you're not too far from Russia!" She said "Yes but I can't see Russia!" I thought she was making a joke, referencing Sarah Palin, so I said "Hahah not like Sarah Palin?!" She got a puzzled look on her face & asked "Who's that?" I just laughed thinking "Someone you'd really get along with..."
~Crazyquote Coworker asked me how days off Americans usually get for Thanksgiving. I explained it's usually 1 day for sure, but maybe 2 or 3 depending on the company. Then I added "Unfortunately it's not like Chinese New Year in China where we get 2 weeks off!" She cackled and goes "Well of course not, Chinese New Years is a real holiday."
~I mentioned to CqCw that a colleague of ours is going to Africa. That led to a conversation about animals and drugs (again) but this time CqCw changed her tune & said that it was "good that crocodiles take drugs or else they'd be so wired they could fly-- like across the country. I've seen it." When has she seen crocodiles fly across the country? Like they work for Delta now?
~Crazyquote Coworker just asked me if I knew "Who is Daniel in child?" I had no idea what she meant: "What?" and she repeated herself, sighing, rolling her eyes and answering sarcastically "What's the child office number? There's only one Daniel in the child office and Santiago is the only office in child." Her sarcasm would've been more appreciated if she hadn't called "Chile" --"Child".
~I mentioned to Crazyquote Coworker how Brazil is host to the largest Japanese population outside of Japan. She commented "I'm not surprised. Japan's a small country but it has a lot of people...but I think China might still has more people." I find it interesting that she considers it a *fact* that eating duck causes babies to be born with webbed feet but Japan's population *might* be smaller than China's. Might.

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