Sunday, January 9, 2011


You can't make this stuff up!
~On Friday I told Crazyquote Coworker to watch the commercials for "Never Say No to Panda" over the wknd. (Because who doesn't love Panda?! So I asked her what she thought of it: She goes "It's so unrealistic! Everyone knows pandas are friendly-- they'd never break a computer." I'm glad that she felt the most unrealistic aspect was the potrayal of the panda's disposition, not the fact that a panda was in an office, hospital, restaurant and shopping at a grocery store.
~CqCw was flipping through the office supply/stationery catalogue and goes "This is so stupid that they would sell washing machines!" I was a bit surprised so took a look; turns out they don't sell "washing machines" but they do sell PAPER SHREDDERS. I can't even begin to guess how she got those mixed up.
~Crazyquote Coworker offended (surprise surprise) someone by asking if he was American (whereas he was really Australian). I asked if she couldn't tell the difference between our accents. She threw her hand up and yelped "Well he was speaking proper English so I didn't think he was Australian!"
~Crazyquote Coworker's take on the elections in the US: "Politics in America are crazy! China would never have a negro president!"
~Crazyquote Coworker was upset that I was writing in "secret code." I couldn't figure out what she was talking out until I realized she was talking about cursive. Good to know. This could be useful in our dealings with North Korea.
~Crazyquote Coworker ate at Subway yesterday and spilled "sub sauce" on her radiation shield dress thing that she wears everyday. The stain was still there today and I asked her why she hadn't washed it. She looked at me gravely and goes "No no, I can't. I can't get this wet or wash it like an umbrella." 

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