Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Little Advice

My bff posted this a few weeks ago:
~I'm not sure why, but lately Crazy Quote Coworker has been in Dr Phil mode. Today's advice: "In China, if you want to find a good man, you can't be smart. So maybe if you want to find a good man in New York, don't act smart, funny or interesting."
~CQCW just randomly doled out this advice to me: "Don't get married while you're home. Even if he has a car, don't marry him so quickly." Hmm... it's so hard to resist a guy WITH A CAR.
~Crazyquote Coworker told me this morning (totally unsolicited and completely out of the blue) "You should never marry a man who has an air conditioning business." I was laughing because it was so random but then asked why she thought that and she goes "Because he'll have too many muscles." And that's a problem why?!
 ~CrazyQuote Coworker on stability: "If you stay in one place for 2 or 3 years, people may think you're a stable person and you don't want them saying bad things about you like that."
 ~Crazyquote Coworker on candy: "I don't think there's any scientific proof that candy is not good for you. I ate it when I was a kid and I was stronger than other kids. All it did was make a few of my teeth fall out."
~Crazyquote Coworker just told me that I should learn Mandarin because apparently my "ancestors are mad at" me because I "don't speak Chinese" and so that's why I'm "so old but not married." Aside from the linguistic aspect, my Chinese ancestors are starting to sound a lot like my Jewish ones...

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